Whoever the costume designer was for Kris Bryant’s Red Bull Pizza Delivery Campaign deserves an Academy Award

KB Red Bull

Kris Bryant was the pranker for Red Bull this year. Last year, he was the prankee, as Greg Maddux, dressed up as a sound guy on set, threw batting practice to the 2016 NL MVP. Mad Dog chirped away the entire time, telling Kris that was a strike! and barrel that ball more! All this before Greg put some bite on some curves and asked for an autograph. Signed to: Greg Maddux.

Note: Greg did not pee in any hot tubs.

This year, it was all KB. But, the real star of this shindig? The costume designer! Kris is a good lookin’ dude. No doubt. Here’s what happened though: he went into this thing as number 17 KB and came out looking like Jack Pearson off This is Us.

This Is Us - Season 1

Is this the best combo of looks anyone could ever have in their entire life?

Jack Pearson & Kris Bryant > Brad Pitt & George Clooney.

Someone once told me I looked like Cal Naughton Jr. on Talladega Nights.

I’m pretty jealous of this whole entire thing as I’m writing this.

The video is priceless! Kris plays a pizza delivery dude named Kristio. It took like 30 minutes for anyone to recognize him. These guys were well into their draft, even talking about Kris Bryant, before some dude tapped another dude on the shoulder and was like whoa, dude, that’s Kris Bryant.

A 6’5″ pizza dude? This ain’t Ninja Turtles! Kris was gettin’ at them the entire time, yelling pizza’s ready and Bryant’s a better third baseman, while just slammin’ pizza, standing in the middle of the room. There was even a guy in the video who named his new born baby after Kris Bryant, and he had no clue!

Also, the best part of the video: Kris Bryant hittin’ the gas on a yellow light while eating pizza, while delivering pizza. Theo probably shit.

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