Matt Harvey designated for assignment


It certainly is the end of an era in Queens, as the once heralded Dark Knight, who reigned over the city, a triumphant return in 2015 to help the Mets absolutely destroy the Dodgers and Cubs to get to the World Series, putting up a 2-0 record with a 3.04 ERA in that, his one and only postseason, will next pitch for a new team.

The whole thing kicks in on Saturday. There is a seven-day window in which he can be traded or released outright.

It seems like yesterday he confidently threw an inning limit out the window in favor of the chance to be a champion, to bring another World Series title to the Mets organization. His last appearance with the Mets he gave up five earned runs and was booed off the mound.

I must say I love his resolve. Stoically vocalizing that he was a starter with supreme conviction. The designation comes after he rejected an offer for a minor league assignment.

I hope Matt keeps betting on himself. The beauty of baseball is the fight, and Matt has plenty of that.

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